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Long period of time to sync email after session timeout - Capsule Workspace Andriod

In a Capsule Workspace PoC,

End user reported that they have experienced long period of time (around 8 mins to 10 mins) for retrieving email to Capsule Workspace Android after session timeout.

Session Timeout setting: 1 week

*Example Screen Capture


Device: Capsule Workspace Android  ( Not experiencing the same issue in iOS device)

Symptoms: After session timeout, users have to authenticate (do it weekly, usually on Monday) to the capsule workspace and retrieve the email from servers and it takes a long time in Android device (not in iPhone).

Attached a clip (it is edited)

and you could see the time shown in right hand corner. It takes 8 mins (from 3:22pm to 3:30 pm) to see the 1st email retrieved

End user enquires that is it an application behavior in Android? As this does not happen in iPhone.

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When I sync Capsule Workspace with an Android phone, it does take a little longer than my iPhone, but that's mostly because I don't use it very often.
It doesn't take anywhere near 8 minutes.
Probably worth getting the TAC involved to see what's going on.
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