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Employee Alumnus
Employee Alumnus

Frequently Asked Questions about Capsule Workspace


These are answers for few Frequently Asked Questions about Capsule Workspace:

Can Capsule Workspace (CWS) provide root detection/jailbreak?Yes
Does CWS provide Encrypted end-to-end communication (HTTPS connections) and certificate pinning to communicate with BYOD solution servers?Yes
Does CWS provide Strong Encryption of all the company data inside the containerYes
How does CWS store the encrypted files on the device?Data is encrypted within the files which are situated in a certain folder structure. Note that to read the folder structure in both iOS and Android you require root access.
Can the admin of CWS define rules/exceptions to export data from the container? Yes
Is it possible to use the solution in a real BYOD scenario without an agent/MDM on the device?Yes
Which platforms are supportediOS and Android

For more questions around Capsule Workspace, please ping us here.


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Employee Alumnus
Employee Alumnus

What kind of encryption is being used by Capsule Workspace?

And I think the data is decrypted when you enter the passcode, can you clarify that?


Employee Alumnus
Employee Alumnus

1. The file is encrypted in the tuple level. One can Gather the database file from the application folder in iOS for example. Using iExplorer you can browse the iOS libraries and easily reach the application folder. Then use and SQL viewer to show that the database values are encrypted.
2. When you enter the passcode, you start a App-Wide VPN session in which you can see the de-crypted information on the CWS client. 


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