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Employee Alumnus
Employee Alumnus

Device security policy enhancements

Device security policy enables administrators of SandBlast Mobile Dashboard to adjust device risk when the device meets certain conditions.

In addition to the policy settings introduced in v2.62, device security policy options were extended with additional policy settings to enable dashboard administrators to set device risk in the following conditions:


  1. Device verified boot is disabled
  2. Device OS SELinux is in permissive mode
  3. Device storage is not encrypted
  4. Device is not protected with screen lock setting
  5. Device unknown sources setting is enabled
  6. Device USB debugging setting is enabled


  1. Device configured to work with Proxy or Global Proxy

To configure, navigate to Settings > Policy Settings > Device. Click "Save" if any changes are made.

Originally introduced in v2.62, and enhanced in v2.66.

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