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Categorization and ONP and Tethering co-existence!


I am conducting an SBM PoC and the client has noticed that with ONP active tethering does not work correctly (he is no longer able to connect to the internet via his laptop), when he disables ONP it starts functioning correctly again.

He also wants to know if we have any details on the Categorization timeframe for uncategorized sites (ie. the user tries to access a website that is blocked and the notification for the site is "uncategorized" how long before the site is categorized).



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By the way, you asked this question internally and got answers Smiley Happy

But for those who can't see our internal discussion:

  • You can submit for categorization here: URL Categorization | Check Point Software Technologies 
  • In my own experience, Tethering (on iOS at least) works with ONP just fine. It should work on Android as well. If your experience is different, please send us logs from the device immediately after experiencing this behavior and specify the device ID, device brand and model and dashboard URL. (Customers should open a TAC case)
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