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Capsule Workspace licenses question


Does anyone know how to determine the amount of Capsule Workspace licenses used at a given time by a CheckPoint gateway 77.30. I'm afraid we might run out of licenses for our employees, but unfortunately I wasn't able to find a way to gather the information about the current usage. In Smart Monitor, you can only get information about ALL mobile users in general. Is there an Expert mode command? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Did you try this: [:0]# cvpnd_admin license all

Sorry if I have not understood your question, otherwise.

Info from SK: How to determine concurrent users / license count on Mobile Access? 


Hi, thanks for the reply. I've already tried this command and it showed "Total used licenses are: 0" although there're tens of CWS users connected to the GW. Besides I got a hold of Check Point Support and they informed me that at the moment there's no way to gather this information. Maybe in future releases. I guess I'll just use Smart Monitor to get an approximate number of CWS users.

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Hi Vlad,

On my Gateway when I run this command I get MOB license total used 0 but also MOBMail License Total used x 

That corresponds with what I see under SmartMonitor under Mobile Access blade as active sessions.



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