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Capsule Workspace & Apple Wallet


use case: I get an airplane ticket by email. I read the email in Capsule Workspace. The ticket is an attachment to the email.

Question: How do I get this ticket into the Apple Wallet?

Yours, Martin

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I don't think we have a specific "send to Apple Watch" function in Capsule Workspace.
In what form is the attachment, a PDF?
Also, I assume this would have to be controlled by policy.
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It is of the following Mime-Type:

Content-Type: application/

Can I configure within the policy that certain Mime-Types can be passed / will be processed to other native Apple applications?

Remark: Apple Wallet is much better at handling tickets than a PDF reader / JPEG viewer. It parses date & time and you have always the right ticket right at the top. That is why customers keep asking this question. Currently they forward the email with the ticket to their personal email address and open it there with the native mail app. That is not a procedure I want to encourage.

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Capsule Workspace is a container for your business data. Therefor it is by design you can't extract data out of it. 


That should be configurable per data type via policy. Not everything is at the right place in the container.

This is a good example for the side effects of insufficient flexible security. If the people feel restrained by security practices without seeing the security benefit (an even I fail to see the security benefit of keeping the boarding pass in the container), the result are evasions (in this case: forward the email to a private email account). Once those evasion procedures are settled, they also will be used where it hurts.

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