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we need to integrate our SmartLog Server running on R77.30 with our new R80.20 Management server.

 We have 2 smartlog servers:

                 - Smartone appliance platform Smart-1 5

                     - Open server VM


1) Smart one appliance is currently serving as the main log server having the old + latest logs which is running on R77.30. And Management server is on R80.20.So can I integrate with R80.20 or do i need to upgrade the os version.


2)How can I export the logs from smartone and import it to vm open serverVM




Please advise us how to implement this setup.


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R77.30 Log server won't work with R80.20 management server, you'll need to upgrade and I think the appliance is no longer supported. You can use a VM as log server though.

In order to migrate the log server to the VM you can use the "Advanced Upgrade" procedure. The short version of it is that you use R80.20 migration tools in order to export the database of the log server, installing R80.20 on a VM and import the database to the VM.

Make sure to use the flags that exports logs as well. ( -l is for keep logs, you may use -x as well IMO).

For complete guide you can go to . Search for advanced upgrade.

Kind regards, Amir Senn
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From the Smart-1 5 appliance log directory just copy the log files over to the R80.30 server and you need to be aware that files older that 14 days will not be indexed until you make some changes, this is well documented in an SK.
Regards, Maarten
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How to export logs from Smartone appliance platform Smart-1 5  to open source log server. Can somebody suggest the procedure

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Employee Alumnus
Employee Alumnus

as Amir suggested,

Safest way is to use the migrate -l assuming you have enough space for the entire compressed log/mgmt-DB.

to check, run:

du -sh $FWDIR/log/; df -h /var/log/

Verify you have more than x2.2 available space in /var/log/ than the log-Dir ($FWDIR/log/) uses.

example: log-Dir = 100GB > Available space in /var/log/ should be 220GB at least, if not, it may delete your older log-files during the export procedure.


if you do NOT have enough space, then you can manually copy all needed log-files (see their dates in name) in $FWDIR/log/*20*.log* to target-server.



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