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unable to connect to server error on Smartconsole

I am setting up my lab for CCSA exam, After installing my SmartConsole on a Vbox hosted windows 7, i got the "Unable to connect to server error"

I did API status on Management Server CLI -

API Stopped,

CMP stopped

FWM stopped 


I did API Start - got Apache is not running, unable to reload the configuration.

Kindly help

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How much time did you allow after the VM booted up until you tried connecting? If your VM is under powered, it could take a little bit of time to get everything up and running. I use the command "api status" from the CLISH prompt and wait for CPM to say "Check Point Security Management Server is running and ready" Then I know that my SmartConsole will connect. You can also use this command to see the State of the processes. 


Use this command from Expert Mode to determine readiness of the management server:



After some time you should see:

CPM server started