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report of all my installed equipment

Hello, I take care of your help, how can I generate a report of all my installed equipment, where I can see model, name, description, ip, mac. likewise be able to export it to excel or txt. Thank you!!!

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Hello most of that information you can check it on the Smartupdate console

Or if you are using version R80 on the gateway and service option.

You can also log in to your Check Point account  access to product center to check all your devices.

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Thank you!! I did it like that. but I'm also looking to compare my installed equipment against the purchased ones (usercenter). The image that you send me is very useful. It is not necessary to add the mac column to be able to make the comparison.

this arises because I have a deployment of about 200 teams 1100 and I need to know which are active and how many not as well as the company that bought them


Check out the License Information Tool, which is used to upload the information from a R77.xx management to the UserCenter, however this does not work anymore on R80.xx, see my post on this subject here as well.

The output is an XML file with a really huge load of information.

Regards, Maarten
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Champion if you have R80+ management check out the "License Report" as shown below.  Gives you a beautiful PDF report for all firewalls showing what blade licenses are actually in use on a gateway ("Active"), and which ones are licensed but not actually in use ("Available").  Incredibly useful at renewal time when deciding whether to renew some or all of the blades on a firewall, since generally you don't want to pay for blades you aren't using unless you plan to enable them soon.

license report smartconsole

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