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place to put the management server

Hi! I hope you are all right! I am grateful for being able to post the doubts here.

I'm looking for the right place to insert the management server in our network.

I'm still unsure if it's right in the DMZ (left side) or in the server network (right side)?

Or another place?

Submit drawing for analysis.


Thank´s for all!


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I dont know if there is really a general recommendation for that by CP, but since its just the management and it would not process any traffic, as long as its secure enough, I dont think it would really matter, but I will let experts confirm for you. Though personally, I would not place it in DMZ, just due to the fact thats mostly where you place things that someone from external would need to get to.


The answer is "it depends."
It should be on a protected segment with strict access controls.
However, if there are gateways that are managed over the Internet, some level of access from the Internet will be necessary (e.g. to send logs).

Personally, I wouldn't put it on a DMZ.
In larger environments, they are often put on a dedicated management network.


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