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one public ip to many networks

Hi there,

My question is simple, I need to configure 1 Public IP address to 4 private networks. eg: + + +

What type of NAT I need to configure?

Thanks in advance 

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We can only guess as description is rather short that you are trying to hide all four networks behind one public IP. You can set up manual hide NAT rules, or use automatic NAT on network object, or if public IP is your external interface IP then hide all outgoing traffic from gateway behind that interface IP.

So you really need to clarify requirements

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If it is for the internal hosts to access the Internet, you should use "Hide" NAT for each network object and specify "Hide behind gateway's address).

If you want to be able to reach some hosts inside your network from the internet, you'll have to use port redirect from your DNS service provider for public host in each network (i.e. if you have four Web Servers, you'l have to create  HTTP Redirection Records pointing to https://yourpublicip:fakeport#), implement manual NAT rules performing PAT and configure Manual Proxy ARP.


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