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migrate_server query

Good evening,


I have just installed our new management server (6000-L appliance with R81 installed) and given it a new hostname & IP address. I've used the R81 upgrade tool to run the migrate_export on our existing R80.40 management, uploaded the file to the new management server and created the JSON file as per the R81 Installation & Upgrade documentation.


Before running the migrate_import procedure on the new management server, I'd like to know what the potential impact may be to our current environment. I'm assuming there won't be any as the new management isn't managing any gateways yet.


Also, do I need to take any additional steps before moving gateways over to the new management server? I will add the new management server object to the same rules as the existing management server to ensure connectivity. Will I need to create new certificates etc? Or does the JSON file change take care of this?


Apologies for all of the questions - it's my first time upgrading a management server to a new appliance! 





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If the new SMS only had the old hostname & IP address, all would be very easy, like an in-place CPUSE upgrade. With a new IP address you have to perform sk73120: How to migrate the Management database to a machine with a different IP address.

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