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management and logserver dbsync issue

Hi mates

I meet a problem in all enviroment where management server and log server are separeted servers.

The version is R80.10

The problem is related to log generated from new gateways. The logs are sent to the logserverbut they are not written in the database.

During my investigation and debugging the daemon on logserver, I found out the problem is related to the new gateway object is not recognized from logserver.

I opened a SR with TAC (about 1 months ago), but until now the problem has not been solved.

the TAC provided a private HF in order to fix this problem, but I haven't got success.

The problem should be related to the dbsync process.

Sometime reseting the dbsync will update network object in the log server and the events will be written properly in the database.

Is someone meet the same issue?

if yes, how did you fix?


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Employee Alumnus
Employee Alumnus

Hi, what is the support ticket?

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Hello Tomer

it's 3-0224444371

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