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license and changing management server

Hi checkpoint community,

I got 2 firewalls 1550w that are currently working as standalones, I am going to connect them to Management server (trial open server) for a while in order to practice before I connect them to the real Management licensed server. My question is : will it have any influence on licensing ? Is it possible to change management server or if I assign IP address of MGMT server once I have to stick with that ?

thanks for replies 


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The license on the 1500 is a local license and you just leave it like that.
With normal Gaia Gateways central licensing is mostly used, where you assign the Mgmnt IP to the license and attach the license from the mgmnt server. This does not block you into changing the IP later, however there is a default max number of changes that you can do to the license, when those are used up you have to open a ticket with account services to get that number reset.
Regards, Maarten
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