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how to verify changes to implied rules?


I hope you can help.

I have been looking at the following SKs in my lab as I have a requirement to change a production environment; (the only one that says cpstop;cpstart is needed)

So it seems that for R81.20 the correct file to edit on the mgmt server is $FWDIR/lib/implied_rules.def - correct?

If I make a comment or edit a value eg;

/* test comment 8 */


Then push policy, the file on the gateway doesnt reflect the change.

Colleagues advise that the file on the gateway wont change and this is inspect code that gets updated.

So how can I tell if It made any difference?

I have checked the implied_rules view in smartconsole security policy and the radius servers are still enabled.

cpstop and cpstart on the mgmt server as per SK31692 doesnt seem to help.

Many Thanks!



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Changes to INSPECT files require a full policy recompilation and installation.
You may also need to disable Accelerated Policy Installation as well, especially if there are no other changes.

If you manage gateways that are not using R81.20 (or are Quantum Spark devices), you will need to make the change to the .def file in the relevant backward compatibility directory. 

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