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gateway status in N/A mode

Hi ,  need  some  help  with fix  connection  issue  in  Virtual Machine  environment,  I'm  trying  to  install  a  gateway  in MGMT  server  via  Smart Console .  the  sic process  goes  ok and  I'm  also  install  the  needed  licensee ( from  the  user  center website) but  keep  getting  the  gateway  status  in  N/A mode Screenshot (1).png

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Hello @nahman127 ,
Please note that this is not an issue with "Infinity Next" which is an app through "Infinity Portal" (under Infinity->Policy).

Please post in the relevant thread and I'm sure your question will be answered quickly.

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You need to publish your changes and install policy to the gateway to make the status start working.  Prior to that though you need to clear your Name Uniqueness Validation Error by removing or renaming the duplicate object.  After publishing and installing to the gateway, status should start working.  If it doesn't, try an "Install Database" operation from the drop-down menu in the upper-left corner of SmartConsole.

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