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fwm process pending issue mds r80.10

Hi everyone,

I'm having this issue on a multi-domain server running r80.10 jhf t154 where all fwm processes seems to be stuck at pending, pnd (N/A) for the mds and all customers. I've waited more than a day and it is still pending. Before this started we have imported a SMS config(R77.30) and with cma_migrate into a new dms/cma. Created a new dms without starting and imported the config with cma_migrate. After rebooting the MDS, all went into the pnd N/A state. 

Any ideas?




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you can  try with mdsstop; mdsstart 

As I have seen sometimes we are facing this issue if we are doing any kind of upgrades or backups.


Manoj Kumar


Apparently Lesley managed to fix the problem, but a comment for others who use R80.10 but use hotfix below the jumbo take 169. They might experience similar behavior when the is in pnd (N/A) state after restarting the services. No matter how long you wait, the service won't repair itself.

Look into the cpm.elg file and search for fresh 'CP_ERR_UNSPECIFIED' messages. If there are such messages in cpm.elg then turn to support and you might get a groovy script which will fix the system until it happens again.

If possible then you might just consider apply R80.10 take 169 as it seems to be a permanent fix. It was possible to reproduce the problem reliably on lower versions, but since this version I haven't seen the pnd issue anymore.


Thank you for your feedback.

Sorry for this late response, my bad...

TAC managed to fix the issue. First tried with the groovy script but not the result we would expected.

CPM would not start anymore and was dead. It all started with the JHF t154 also in combination with the log exporter fix T42 before that we were running jhf t112 with log exporter T35. Installing T154 messed things up.

At the end we did a clean install of R80.10(new VM) and imported check point config(used export on ISO) and installed T169 after this.