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check if vpn_route.conf was applied to gateway


does someone know if i can see if the changes to vpn_route.conf were applied to the gateway?


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Policy push should do that. What is the concern?

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for one issue a newly add routing config is not applied. I only see incoming traffic and its being decrypted and not routed. 

another is that it was always possible for me to route traffic between 2 Communities, but somehow it isn't working anymore. No changes made to that specific communities. (did get around that issue by making another Star Community with "to center and to other satellites through center")

edit example:

Gateway A
Gateway B
Gateway C

Community 1 (Gateway B & C)
Community 2 (Center A, Sat B & C)

if for some reason C is not able to reach A anymore. I always took out C from community 2 and did set the Following routes in vpn_route.conf:

dst router installon
NET-Gateway-A GatewayB GatewayC
NET-Gateway-C GatewayB GatewayA

So i could temporary restore connection between A&C until the direct connecting issue is resolved.
always worked, so this is why i'm just curios if those routes were applied on the gateways. as i usually just remove the # to uncomment those routes which did work before.

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