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application blade shows a different value

The Application Blade report in SmartEvent R77.30 shows a different value from other indicators such as Firewall blade's Account tracking report or Wireshark Packet Capture on the client itself. 

From the Firewall blade's using Account tracking, I see 5.9MB:

From the Wireshark on the server, I see around 500KB:

From the Application Control log in SmartEvent R77.30, I see 9.12MB:

Why do I see different values when I filtered all the same?(Same source/destination, same port, same time frame)

application control‌ smartevent r77.30‌

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It seems you are filtering one side through Wireshark while both CP tools are sowing bi-directional communication. 

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No, I've filtered for the host bi-directional. It is showing only one direction because the traffic initiated with one direction. The return traffic is included in the result. So the highlighted fields are bi-directional traffic including the returned traffic. When I drilled into the detail, I could see the bi-directional communication. 

Also, that doesn't explain the difference between SmartEvent Application Control result and the Firewall's Account tracking result.