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Zoom application - Is there one that covers Zoom phone?

Forgive me if this is in the wrong forum section but i have a question regarding the application control blade and the use of the Zoom application.

The current application "Zoom"  covers all of the WebBrowsing (HTTP/HTTPS/TCP8080) services along with these 'out of the box'

- UDP 8801-8810

- TCP 8801-8802

-UDP 3478-3479

That is also matches what Zoom has listed in their network/port requirements on the link below

Our company is looking to use "Zoom Phone" and that has additional port requirements to what looks to be a different set of destinations.

- TCP 5091

- TCP 390 (if using corporate directory)

- UDP 20000-64000

So my question is this:

1) Is there an app for Zoom Phone today we can use?

2) if there is no app, what has been the recommendations?

- Build new app for zoom phone itself or modify the existing Zoom?

- any examples to share for those that needed to use an app for "zoom phone"?





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If there's not one defined already, you can create TCP and UDP services that cover these ports easily enough.
You can't really modify the existing application definition. 

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