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Who wants a R77.30 Portable SmartConsole? Me, me, me!!!

Can we get a Portable SmartConsole for R77.30 like we have for R80.10? 

It solves a lot of issues when dealing with more complex environments with multiple versions in play, like R77.30.03 Endpoint Security Management, R77.30 Multi-Domain Security, etc.

In R80.10 it's already a lifesaver for doing things with EAs and different builds and JHF levels.


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Employee Alumnus
Employee Alumnus

The truth is we are going forward and will probably not have resources to make such a change with pre-R80 platform releases.

Unofficially, some features will work if you have 1 installed R77.30 SmartDashboard and drag and drop a bunch of portable GUI clients that belong to the same version, but it will not work for all features. If you are OK with that and would like a portable of a particular version, please create a support ticket (or a task if you are a Check Point employee). We will not publish it at Download Center due to the lack of support.


Thank you!!