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Where Used on rules in layers

How do I find what layer a rule is in when using shared inline layers?

When I look, where used only refers to the main rule set, which is less than useful when using multiple inline layers. Unfolding the rule from the main rule set takes ages.

My suggestion: add a layers column in the Where Used Policies tab.

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You can see which policies (Policy Packages) contain various Inline Layers.

Go to - Menu > Manage policies and layers > Layers > Access Control 

Select the relevant Inline Layer.

You will see a list of all the policies it is used in.

Press on the link for the specific policy to open it in a new Tab.

Now you can use the Search field to locate the Inline Layer using the name.

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This is attacking the problem from the wrong angle. If you already know the relevant inline layer, you don't need to do a Where Used to find it.

What I need is a simple, GUI based, way of finding the layer og jump straight to (in a tab) it without opening the main policy. We have thousands of rules, it takes ages to navigate through the main policy, even with powerful VMs and computers.

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I would think where-used would point to the exact policy layer it is contained in.
Perhaps it does at the API level, but it doesn’t translate to SmartConsole well. 

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