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What is your favorite hidden feature in R80.10?

R80.10 introduces big changes - a new working model with locks and publish, paged results, validations, search engines, REST API, unified policies, content awareness, a new real-time SmartEvent and more.

But a lot of time it's the little features that matter - they may not change the security enforcement, but they can save valuable time. You get them instantly, without rebuilding your policies or your change processes. We want to know which ones strike out as most helpful.

Please vote for your favorite feature out of those. Reply below with your reasoning. We are here for the feedback about the other features as well.

Where Used has a "replace.." option
Quickly jump between sections in the rule-base
Export objects and policies from SmartConsole to CSV files
Automating IPS with IPS Tags
Portable SmartConsole
"Content Logs": Create a new rule, select objects - and the logs pane shows where these objects are currently matched
Other - please elaborate?0
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I wish the import of rules via CSV was a little nicer to accomplish Smiley Happy

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