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WebSmartconsole, in Demo Mode

SmartConsole and its predecessors are Windows applications.
There have been requests for non-Windows versions for quite some time.
We launched the Web-Based SmartConsole during the R81 release in a read-only mode.
It is part of R81.10, which will allow for Read/Write mode.
Even if you're not quite ready to upgrade to R81.10 yet, you can check it out for yourself using the Demo Mode servers.
It does require a few steps on your part to access it.

  • Download and install R81.10 SmartConsole
  • Login via Demo Mode
  • Create an administrator with known credentials in Manage & Settings > Permissions and Administrators
  • Publish the session 
  • Copy the IP address of the Demo Mode server as follows:


Then visit https://x.y.z.w/smartconsole and login with your user.


This will function in read-write mode.
It is not yet a full replacement for the Windows-based SmartConsole, which is still required for some functions.
See also sk170314 for more details.

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