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We are running two management server in HA with R77.30 and going to R80 should we go with fresh installation or go with upgrade and which one is easy


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There are two basic upgrade paths:

1. In-place upgrade with CPUSE (which has been smooth for most customers)

2. "Advanced database upgrade" where you export the R77.30 configuration, do a fresh install of R80.10 (either booting off ISO or via CPUSE), and import the R77.30 configuration.

I recommend leveraging the R80.x Upgrade Verification and Environment Simulation service to make sure the upgrade (whichever path you take) will be smooth.

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I have done upgrade 80.10 with cpuse and its very easy also upgrade gateway as well


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Following up on what Dameon said, both ways should be fairly easy, but when I do upgrades such as a big one like this I prefer start fresh and clean. If you have access to a lab then you should be able to compare the two different ways(It's a great way to practice and also vet any issues that might arise)

1) Do a migrate export of your current R77.30 management server

2) Migrate import into a new R77.30 management server that's in your lab

From here you can either do an in-place upgrade or use the R80.x upgrade tools and export the database to a fresh install of R80.x

Good luck Anuj!


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