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Ways to group few access role objects into network group in smartconsole?

Hi, Does anyone know how to do grouping of access role objects into some kind of network group in smartconsole?
The access role objects has been linked with AD user.

I tried to create a new network group and add in newly created access role but it prompt me the warning message as shown in attached picture.


warning msg.PNG

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Pretty sure this is an RFE.

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To eleborate a bit more:

Check Point currently does not allow grouping of access role objects.

If you need some kind grouping with Identity Awareness, this are your options:

  • put multiple users in one access role (group changes have to be done on Check Point side)
  • put one or multiple AD groups  in one access role (group changes have to be done on AD side)
  • a combination of the two points above
  • use Identity Awareness API to assign members to access roles (group changes have to be done be the external system calling the API)
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