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VSX Migration | Policy Package Migration


I have a project to migrate a virtual system (VS) to a new VSX Cluster Gateway.

In the current management, it has many gateways and also VSX gateway with a few of VSs.

We just want to migrate one of the VS and one of the gateway from this management to the new management server.


What is the best practice to migrate these? Is there any way to export the particular policy package and VPN Communities?

The current management server is R80.40 and we will migrate to R81.10.




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This might be the best way:
Note that VS objects cannot be created with the API among other objects.
In these cases, placeholder objects will be created.

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Employee Employee

I would probably do a little cheating by utilising migrate export / import.

1. You would export old Mgmt server first from R80.40 

2. Import to new Mgmt running R81.10. Change IP and name in the process 

3. Build new VSX / VS in the new Mgmt manually or using VSX provisioning tool

4. Change install target of policy to new VS 

5. Delete old VSX from new Mgmt 

6. Clean up unused policies and objects














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