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UserCheck with IE11

I've hit a problem with IE11 and wonder if anyone has any ideas?

I've installed a new R80.10 gateway and enabled HTTPS Inspection.  I've exported the cert and put it on the client.  That bit works great.  I've also imported the internal_ca cert to the Trusted Roots store on the client.  However I have a problem with the UserCheck block pages.  In IE11, when a HTTPS page is blocked, it tries to load the USerCheck block page and gives the untrusted certificate warning.  If I click the "continue (not recommended) link then my block page displays, but the address bar is red.

If I do the same in Chrome or Firefox the block page loads first time and the address bar is green.  So the certificates are fine, it just seems to be IE11 that won't accept it, even though it's in the Trusted Root store.

Has anyone else come across this or have any ideas to stop the browser cert warning displaying?


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