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Upgrade from R77 to R80.10


I am upgrading from R75.20 (Windows) to R80.10 and have migrated my Management Server to R77 server (Windows) as an intermediate step.

I have configured a new R80.10 server (Gaia) and was planning to (hopefully) import a config from R77.  I have exported the config from R77 using the Web Visualisation Tool but am struggling to import into R80.10.

Any suggestions?

Also, my Security gateways are still at R76.20.  Any suggestions as to the best method of getting those to R80.10?



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Why would you go that route when you can just use the R80.10 migration tool for Windows?

This will do a migrate export of your existing R77 configuration, which you can then import into a clean R80.10 install.

As for your R75.20 gateways (I assume this is what you mean as there is no such release as R76.20), you can upgrade them or just do a fresh install on the gateways. 

As I don't believe it's a direct upgrade, see the Upgrade Wizard for exact releases and order to apply.

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Thanks Daemon.


I used the Migration Tool for Windows and it worked (sorta).

When creating a new R80.10 console I changed hostname (and obviously IP address).

I now have the old console with its license visible but I can't detach the license because the SIC is not established.  I can attempt to establish it on the old server but the new one does not give me the option.

My thinking with the gateways is a fresh install.  I have 2 sets of HA gateways to install.

Thanks for your help.


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Hi Reece,

I hope that following our help you to succeed with your migrating to R80.10
I appreciate if you share your experience with us in our R80.10 Survey 

if needed I will be happy to assist you with personal attention.

Eyal Rashelbach

R80 Desk Manager, Solution Center | Check Point Software Technologies

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