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Upgrade Smart-1 3150 to Software Version R80.10

We need to Upgrade our Management server Smart-1 3150 from its current version R77.30 to the latest Release version R80.10

Please share your thoughts and opinion on this topic. It would be greatly appreciated if you folks share the challenges that you faced during the upgrade process.

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I'd suggest performing a snapshot of 3150, downloading it off appliance for possible recovery operation first.

Then, "migrate export" and "migrate import" to the virtual R77.30 instance deployed from ISO with sufficient resources.

If you can, retain same IP and hostname of the virtual appliance and maybe, NAT it behind another VM to avoid conflict.

Proceed to upgrade using CPUSE in virtual environment to see if the process will result in any error messages.

If it will, try working those out in virtual environment.

Use snapshots before each attempt for VM, in case you'll need to repeat the procedure or to try something different.

Once you'll get through the upgrade and verified that all is well, not only you'll have easier time going through it in production, but you will have an upgraded virtual instance that you may be able to fall back to, should something go wrong with Smart appliance.

Good luck!

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In general, I talk about the upgrade process here:

I would definitely take snapshots and practice the upgrade in VMs as‌ suggests. 

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