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Upgrade Reporter to R80.x

Hi all,

Does anyone know the best way to upgrade Reporter from R773.30 to R80.30?  I don't care about previous events - what I really need is all of the custom reports to be migrated over, because Reports in R80 are so different to R77 and I just can't figure out how to accurately replicate what they customer used to have, and wants to retain.

Previously I had a Smart-1 205 for Management and another Smart-1 205 for Logs/Event/Reporter.  When both R77.30 and the appliance hardware went end of life I replaced with a single Smart-1 405 to run it all.  I did a migrate export/import to take the rules across.  Happy days.  But I'm struggling to get the old reports migrated over. 

The old appliance won't take R80.30, so I can't do an in place upgrade then export the upgraded config.

So far I've tried building a new server in my lab, R77.30, "evs_backup" from the old appliance, restore to my lab server and everything works fine, as expected.  But then the R80.30 upgrade always bombs out.  I've tried too many times to count.  It does the first bit of upgrade and reboots, then continues the upgrade after the reboot and bombs at 40% while it's importing the database, then it reverts to the R77.30 snapshot.

I've tried, which leads to sk110173.  Everything appears to work fine, but when I go back in to SmartConsole - Reports, the custom reports from the previous appliance are not there, so I guess this procedure doesn't copy the custom report config.

Is there  a way to migrate over the R77.30 custom reports to R80?  Or do I just have to start from sratch with the R80 default reports?





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We made some pretty massive changes to the SmartEvent backend in R80.x.
The reports from R77.x SmartEvent/SmartReporter are therefore not transferable to R80.x, even with an in-place upgrade.
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