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Upgrade R77.30 to R80.10 Database Import issue

Dear CheckMates,

I am encountering a problem with my VM managment center upgrade from R77.30 to R80.

I deployed new VM on my ESXi envirement with:


4GB of Ram

200GB of HD

I exported the DB with the Check_Point_R80_migration_tools_PreR80.Gaia.tgz from y R77.30 SMC

When I tried to import it with the same migration tool on my new R80.10 SMC I get this error:

Database export was done with migration tools for different version.
You must export and import database with migration tools for version
installed on destination machine.

(Please look at the file join for the logs)

Could some one help me?

For your informartion ( I get the same error when i used the other migration tool Check_Point_R80_migration_tools.Gaia.tgz)

Thank you very much for your help

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Hello Aymen

You need to export with migration_tools_PreR80 tool and import migration_tools_R80. Did you do that? 

migration_tools_PreR80 makes the necessary conversions for R80 and the import process is like a normal import.

Try the to download the latest version from the links above.

PS: 4GB of RAM is not enough for a production environment R80. The minimum is 6GB, but 8GB or more is advisable.


The minimum supported requirements for a management server are 2 Cores & 6GB ram.

In the real world 4 Cores & 8GB ram minimum are more realistic.

Also because you are using VM follow sk104848 Best Practices - Performance Optimization of Security Management Server installed on VMware ESX Virtual Machine

This will greatly improve the performance of the management server.

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With SmartEvent, 16GB of RAM or more is definitely advised 

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As you seem to do this with R80.10 allready out there. Is there a reason to use R80 instead of R80.10?

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Agreed, if you're doing this migration from R77.30 now, there is zero reason you should be using R80 and should be using R80.10.

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Please use below link for R80 Migration tool.

I have upgraded mgmt. from R77.30 to R80.10 in my ESXi server successfully. I have kept below settings.

RAM - 8 GB

CPU - 4

Hard disk - 200 GB

Guest Operating system - Other 2.6.x Linux (64-bit)

Hope this will be helpful.

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