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Updating Management server to R80.10

Hi there,

We will be updating one of our sites checkpoint firewall from R77.30 to R80.10. 

I will first update the management server followed by the gateway. 

When updating the management server will this affect the Check Point SSL Network Extender version and will the version change when the Gateway is updated?

Also is it possible to get the SSL extender installer files before updating?


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The SNX files are on the gateway, merely updating the management shouldn't impact that.

We don't typically make the SNX files available separately from the gateway.

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After updating the gateway, I've used the following SK for easier deployment of SNX throughout the org. Seems like we had to update the fingerprint in the registry too. It's not as clean as updating the client through the web portal, but at least you can push out an update instead of fielding calls. I would also test how the R80.10 version would install over the R77.30 version.

Manual deployment of SSL Network Extender on Windows clients 

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Thanks for you responses. I am now in the process of updating the management server and running into issue. Will raise another discussion. 

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