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Updatable Objects supervision


We are now using Updatable objects in our policies for Saas platforms.

I would like to be able to verify that the process of updating the different IP lists is working correctly. It's quite easy to do it manually by connecting on the different appliances and checking the creation time of the "last_revision.xml" file.

But I would like to be able to verify that automatically using Centreon.

1) is there an OID or something I can request to get this information ?

2) if not possible I will develop a script to allow Centreon to connect in SSH to the different appliances and check it "manually". But I will need a specific user. What are the minimal rights I have to give to this user ?


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You can create a custom MIB to do...whatever you want.

For logging in via SSH, the user must either have access to expert mode or you can configure an extended command that the user has access to.

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