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Updatable Objects not retreiving



We have an management server on a multidomain management server, when we click import updatable objects it shows the "Checkpoint Management server is unable to download the Updatable Objects paclage at this time" error. usually this is caused by lack of network connectivity, but I can see traffic to and responses from the checkpoint servers as I try it.


In the $MDS_FWDIR/log/mds.elg log I see this:

FDT_get_data - Could not get data from server - Download operation isn't approved by the user. Please check your configuration. Details: (null)


I have followed sk111080 which was already allowed, and followed sk83520 which is all successful. Is this a licensing issue..?



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Potentially, it could be. Make sure your software subscription is up to date, and the contract file is updated on the management. If that is addressed, and you still have the issue, open a TAC case


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