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Updatable Objects - certain logs not indexed

Has anyone noticed certain logs not indexed by SmartLog?  I tested with R80.20 GA (take 33) and a partner was using R80.20 M2.  In SmartLog we didn't see any logs to Countries or MS services, but I did see logs destined for AWS IP addresses.  However, when you open SmartView Tracker, you can see entries with the raw data.

I was using www[.]cnblogs[.]com for a destination in China.

The specific use case was to move away from Geo-Protect as many resources are located in other countries these days.  Using Updatable Objects should allow for a better white-listing of exceptions... but they need to see the logs should any future exception come up.

Many thanks for a sanity check!

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We've had a few discussions about things not getting indexed in SmartLog, though I wasn't aware that anything related to Updatable Objects wasn't showing up.

It's probably worth a TAC ticket as the countries are supposed to show up.
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