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URL Filtering and logs for all webtraffic


we would like to create reports on all webtraffic and see their categories. We noticed that Check Point URL Filtering doesn't log everything by default. We created 2 rules: one that blocks certain categories and another that allows everything. We only see categories for those url's that were blocked.

How can we solve this? There is a category called "URL Filtering" and "Uncategorized" but those don't contain all URL's. We are currently getting more info buy putting ALL url filtering categories together in 1 group and allow that in a rule. Otherwise we have no trace of categories.

How are you getting sufficient logs?

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Employee Alumnus
Employee Alumnus

Depending on your policy, if your allow rule is "FW" based you should set "Detailed Log" in the track option to get the application data, like category.

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If you have license for smart event than this is best viewed in this blade. Below is the path where you can fetch report of categories with user/IP wise.

Smart Event --> Reports --> Application & URL Filtering

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