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Transfer to New Management Server

Hi Guys,

I have a firewall and a management server running in R77.30 and another management server running in R80.30 managing the other firewalls running in R80.30 as well. The firewall which is running in R77.30 will be upgraded to R80.30 and I want to transfer this firewall to the new management server running in R80.30.

How can I transfer the configuration from the old management server to the new management without affecting the other R80.30 firewalls which are already managed by the new management server?

Thank you so much for the help.


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Depends on the duty of your R77.30 manager and fw.

After a migration from R77.30 to R80.30 on a temporary vm as R80.30 manager,  you can leaverage on this tool ExportImportPolicyPackage  to merge the db. 
Take also a look to this Python-tool-for-exporting-importing-a-policy-package-or-parts-of to understund the limitations

For your old fw, you need to reset the sic... I can suggest to move it as is (R77.30) on the new manager, and if everything is ok upgrade it.

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