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These revisions will be installed

I was wondering if someone could explain "These revisions will be installed when you install policy".  For example, if I have 4 polices that install on their own cluster and I make a change to one policy such as disable an existing rule.  I  then publish.  Then when I go to install policy and select a different policy, it says that there are changes.  When you click View changes, it shows a change and says "These Revisions will be installed when you install policy" even though the rule I disabled had nothing to do with that policy. The objects used in that rule are not used in any other policies. If there is any sk that talks about it or a specific section of the admin guide, please let me know.  Thanks

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Take a look at another post here: why changes need to be installed in another policy-package? 

This is a limitation of R80.10. Clicking the "5 changes" hyperlink can show the audit logs and from there you can see that these changes are rules that aren't part of Policy B.

We plan to give better diff capabilities in our next releases.

Right, the fact that the total number of "changes" shown in the SMS config when preparing to install policy may not necessarily apply to the gateway in question was explicitly called out in my document here:  R80+ Change Control: A Visual Guide