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Smartview Log not showing connection logs

Hi Guys,

Bit of a weird issue atm.. 

We have a few FWs (some with accounting configured on rules) sending logs to R80.10 mgmt server with log/smartevent installed also.

for some weird reason in smartview log viewer (either console or gui and with no search criteria defined).. i am not able to see logs from FW1.. but logs are showing ok for FW2 and FW3.. 

However.. if i search specifically by 'origin:FW1' I can see the logs ok. then no problem

What I have noticed also - all other FWs logs has 'type=log' in the log view.. 

whereas FW1 shows them as 'connections' and not logs. 

If I run SmartTracker (trying  not to use this anymore) then its fine.. 

We've had some issues recently with Correlation Unit connectivity. and not sure if something was done here that could have caused this issue.. quite possible.. 

Any ideas?


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forgot to mention.. FW1 runs R80.10 whereas all other FWs are running R77.30

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Looks to have resolved itself after a reboot.. 

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