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Smartlog detail view

Hi all,

I've find some difference from two PCs install the same version SmartConsole.

Below was the same log view open in the two difference PC.

One have More session in the view and other one do not have.

Anyone faced the same problem before? How to fix it?

same smartconsole

with moreno more

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I'm thinking you either did not open the same log entry on both systems or there is some other difference between the PCs.

Can you confirm:

  • The PCs are running the same OS/patch level?
  • The same SmartConsole user was used on both PCs?
  • That the same build of SmartConsole was installed on both PCs.

I would also open a case with the TAC.

Contact Support | Check Point Software 

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Yes, PCs running the same OS and patch level.

Used the same user to login the SmartConsole.

The build number of the SmartConsole.

Opened the same log entry for that.

I'm thinking if it related to the smartconsole debug setting on the PCs.

I'll try it and update again.

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tested, not related to debug setting on PCs.

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