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Smartevent report for administrator last login with zero count


I've created a smartevent report to show administrator last login time (with the goal to see who hasn't in X period of time).  This works great if the person has logged in, however even though I've put a tick in "Show results with empty values" I'm not seeing acc that haven't logged in.  Is there some other filter or setting I need to add to see this?

Table settings.PNG

Table filter.PNG

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Makes sense to me that you dont see users that have not logged in.

These reports are based on logs. If someone never logins it will not show in a report. Does that make sense?

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It does and doesn't 🙂  I would have hoped the Empty Values option would have shown them.  Is there any other way to accomplish the goal or would we have to export entire list of admin and then remove who does appear in this report?

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You can't do a statistical table based on time. You need to choose - either statistical table with number of log in operations or a log table with latest logins:Capture.PNG

Kind regards, Amir Senn
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