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SmartView Reporting & Templates (.cpr file)

Hey All,

I am looking for some suggestion or tips on creating Checkpoint Smart View & Report on our CheckPoint Infinity portal / SmartView

What I am currently trying to achieve is

1. Get a total list of endpoints & health status (for the month like a monthly endpoint report)
2. List of all attacks & status (Cleaned/blocked/Quarantine or deleted)
3. Total Files scanned possibly trying to include all the files status & infected files computer names
4. Any other Industry best practice you guys recommend to have on report (may need to submit as PDF to auditors at end of year)

I was wondering if I can get some tips,steps or anything will be really helpful
If anyone is able to export (.cpr) the template for Reporting & views that will even be more nice but also if you can show steps how you achieved that will be even nicer so I can do some customization if need be too 😇

Any help will be appreciated,

best regards,

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Champion Champion

  1. Total list of Endpoints with installed Endpoint Clients versions
  2. List of attacks > get this list from your central Endpoint Security Management
  3. Total files scanned > get this list from your central Endpoint Security Management
  4. Other industry best practice > use the MITRE ATT&CK dashboard in SmartView
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Hey Danny,

Thanks for helping I just wanted to update i tried the template for endpoint status update but I was not able to pull any Sandblast endpoints can you tell me what I am doing wrong over here?

Again thanks for your help

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