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SmartView Monitor Threshold not synchronized alert

Hi all,

We are running R80.20 and I have just configured Global Threshold settings in SmartView Monitor.

One of the settings I have left on is 'Synchronization state' and each time I do a policy installation it triggers an alert to say the two Mgmt servers are not synchronized (see below):

 HeaderDateHour: 13Sep2019 14:46:44; ContentVersion: 5; HighLevelLogKey: N/A; Uuid: {0x0,0x0,0x0,0x0}; SequenceNum: 1; Action:  ; Origin: Primary Mgmt; IfDir: <; IfName: N/A; Alert: mail; OriginSicName: N/A; System Alert message: Management Server on Secondary Mgmt is not synchronized; Object: Secondary Mgmt; Event: Exception; Parameter: sync_status; Condition: is ; Current value: Not synchronized; ProductName: System Monitor; ProductFamily: Network;

Is this normal behaviour because for a very short time they are out of sync and is there a way to not alert on a policy installation as is happening for me?

Many thanks



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