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SmartUpdate - Distinguish licenses in attach dialog

Hello Community,

I want to ask you folks, if you know some nice trick regarding handling central managed licenses in SmartUpdate.

As far as I know, there is still no option in SmartConsole to do so, and we have to use the R77-style legacy SmartUpdate for handling licences.

I always have problems picking the right licence in the attach dialog, if many unattached licences are present on customer side, because the attach dialog only displays Name, SKU, IP Address and Expiration. When using the central licencing modell, all licences are bound to the ip address of the SMS, so the available information is not suitable to pick the right licence.

What I do currently is attaching the licence, than opening it and check the Certificate Key. If it is not the right one, detach it, attach another licence, open it, check the Certificate Key and so on until I found the right license.

How would you do in this case?

Thank you for your ideas.

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I tend not to put many unattached licenses into the repository - if only one unattached license is present, licensing is rather easy !

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