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SmartProvisioning SMB has Gateway Status Not Responding

Hello CheckMates;

I'm trying to use Smart Provisioning with some 1570R and although I can push establish SIC and push policy in Dashboard the status in Smart Provisioning is showing not responding.  

We are on R80.40 Jumbo 102 and the 1570 is on R80.20.25

I only want to use it for pushing firmware updates and not link it to a LSM profile.

There is a firewall in between the Manager and the SMBs but sk120136 is in place  with port 18191 allowed.

Any other ideas or requirements needed?


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That usually gets resolved by running the GetInfo command on the device.

Have you tried that?

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Hello pat,


I have the same issue with the combination CP Management Server R80.40 Jumbo  118 and 1400/1500 SMB Devices.

Device gateway status is showing "not responding":

 Did you find a working solution for this issue?



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Well no a solution was not found and it got worse.

TAC admitted they do not have allot of knowledge of this product, scary right !!

We ended up pulling out SmartProvisioning and using the firewall as a normal firewall in our SMS.  I did test out the cloud version of the Smart Provisioning and was impressed with that.  You have to register a domain with Check Point but that was a quick process.  

It amazes Me that Check Point after all this time still has not integrated the SmartView Monitor, SmartUpdate and SmartProvisioning etc. fully into R80.  Still looks like the legacy R77.x 

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