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SmartEvent in HA and cert revocation

Hi -

Recently I grabbed an all-in-one eval license to try out SmartEvent and had a few questions based on my setup experience.  For reference the mgmt server has logging & status enabled as well as "enable log indexing" which I found to check in SK119334.  Network Policy mgmt and provisioning are also checked, but somewhat grayed out though I don't think is relevant for these issues.  The environment is a single domain with 13 clusters and are all open servers.  The mgmt servers are VMs.

1. When I enabled the SmartEvent Server and the correlation unit I get a pop up stating the SmartEvent Server is not recommended in HA (which we have) refer to SK25164.  I really don't want to stand up another box to test this and wondered what the overall impact is if I continue with this trial?

2. Prior to this post I did hit continue and got a "revoking certificate" message reading "The referred entity does not exist in the Certificate Authority".  I am however able to pull up the ICA and view that certificate just fine and the environment works as expected right now, so I really don't get what this is telling me?  When I close that dialog box I get #3 below.

3.  Warning: Updating 'server name here': Multiple objects have the same IP address, do you wish to keep changes anyway?  Here I have selected no, even though no other objects use this primary mgmt IP address (to my knowledge/research).  I am fearful of hitting "yes" - even though SK121775 reads this may be caused my a manual NAT config, which I cannot identify as of this writing.

I've pasted some images and was looking for any advice folks may be able to provide.  If the right way to do this is to stand up a separate VM that's fine too and if you could point me to the admin guide in doing so I'd appreciate it.  Thanks in advance.

#1 above

#2 above

#3 above

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The limitation is that SmartEvent that can only be enabled on the primary member.

You can otherwise do it though for performance reasons, you may prefer to separate it out.

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If the SMS is in a VM, i would usually suggest not to use Management HA but VM snapshots and migrate export (as backup).



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