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SmartEvent- Event Number

Hi Guys,

In SmartEvent when an event/e-mail alert is generated, it is assigned an Event Number. In R77.30 you were able to take that number, login to SmartEvent and use it search for the event in question. This was particularly useful as the log gave more detail, and some of the information received in the e-mail (usernames) is obscured, but visible from within SmartEvent. Using the Event Number was a very quick and simple way to search SmartEvent and retrieve the additional information.

It appears that in R80.x this no longer possible. I’ve been speaking to TAC and although an Event is still assigned an Event Number, you can no longer use it to search the logs.  I’ve been advised that an RFE would be required in order to request this functionality.

Has anyone else came across this issue? In your experience what is the quickest way to find an Event based on the information received contained within a SmartEvent e-mail alert?

Thanks in advance,


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