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SmartConsole sising


We are starting an acquisition process, we have some doubts about how to carry out the sizing and licensing of SmartConsole.

For example:

We will have 7 HA Clusters, that is, 14 Firewall gateways.

We read is some places information that SmartConsole interprets each Cluster as a gateway,

If this is the console's way of working, should we consider a SmartConsole with the ability to manage 7 gateways or should we still consider a console with the ability to manage 14 gateways?

Is there any official documentation that would give us these details about SmartConsole?

How would be the licensing considering two consoles in HA.

Thank you.

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You probably mean Security Management instead of SmartConsole.

If you go for a virtual Smart-1 Cloud-hosted security management you don't need to care about sizing at all. If you are interested in an on-prem solution I suggest buying a security management license from your Check Point partner of choice and run you management virtually within VMware ESX. This way you can always add more RAM and CPU cores when required. To start, just follow Check Points recommendation.

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While I second the recommendation to look at Smart-1 Cloud, to answer your specific question: your Security Management would need a license to manage each ClusterXL cluster member.

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