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SmartConsole logs displaying incorrect host names

Good evening,


We are experiencing strange behaviour in SmartConsole logs in that the hostname that is displayed in the "Source" field of the log view is different to the hostname in the "Source Machine Name" field. We are using Identity Agent on our endpoints which is reporting the accurate hostname in the "Source Machine Name" field.


When I do a reverse DNS lookup on the IP address of the machine, DNS is returning a hostname that matches the "Source Machine Name" field. It looks like the firewall may be pulling these entries from its cache? I've looked, but I can't seem to find where this cached information is stored on the mgmt server. Can someone advise how I could clear the firewall DNS cache and what the impact would be of doing so?


I have found the following SK (sk122837) which sounds like very similar behaviour, however we are running on R80.40 T125,


Any help is appreciate, as always 😊.



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I assume sk122837 doesn't apply since we're talking about SmartView Tracker which is generally not used in R8x.
But the discrepancy between Source Machine Name and Source is probably because Source Machine Name is the machine name from AD, which will come from Identity Awareness.
If Reverse DNS is different...that's a different issue.

That said, you can try sk122837 and see if it resolves it, but I suspect you'll need a TAC case.


I agree with @PhoneBoy . I would still try the sk mentioned and if it does not solve the issue, yea, open TAC support case.


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